“We seek the harmony of your smile, improving aesthetics”

Dental Aesthetics

We improve the teeth to achieve greater facial aesthetic harmony.

We can improve the colour, the shape, reduce or increase the size of the tooth, with state-of-the-art materials that allow us to maximise facial aesthetics.

The following factors should be taken into account:


The health and hygiene of the mouth, the size, shape, colour and position of the teeth, the absence of teeth, the relationship of gums to teeth, the relationship of lips to the teeth, etc


Only a multidisciplinary dentistry is able to interact to achieve a balanced smile.


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Composite or porcelain veneers

We want to know which one suits you best.

With them we can lengthen the teeth, change their shape or colour. Depending on the case we will use composite or porcelain.

Composite veneers are usually used for minor aesthetic details, porcelain veneers are usually used in major reconstructions.



We guide the teeth to a position in which they can perform their function correctly and aesthetically.

Each tooth must take its place, not only in the upper and lower row but also in the relationship between them: upper and lower jaw, if the teeth are not in their place they can cause interferences which affect the whole structure:

A deviated jaw is compensated by moving the spine to stabilize the body position, this can cause headaches and back pain because everything is related.

Orthodontics is the science that studies the correct placement of teeth and is based on three fundamental pillars: diagnosis, treatment and the collaboration of the patient and the family.

The objectives are: to achieve aligned teeth and arches that are harmonious and proportionate to the aesthetic pattern of the face, well related to each other due to having a correct function and hygiene and that the final result of the treatment lasts over time.

There are different types of appliances and techniques for moving teeth:

Removable appliances. RNO and flat and fixed appliances (metallic or aesthetic brackets made of different materials). Invisalign (invisible orthodontics based on splints).

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Dental whitening

It is a procedure that allows to lighten the color of the teeth or to recover the natural color that may have been lost over the years.

A good diagnosis is essential to obtain the desired results.

Before performing a whitening, it is advisable to perform oral hygiene as there may be plaque, calculus ("tartar") or extrinsic stains, due to diet, which camouflage the real color of the teeth. It is important to detect what factors have contributed to darkening the teeth and modify them so that the results of the treatment last longer. After the visit with the dentist, the patient can choose to have the treatment done at home or in the clinic. We use appropriate chemicals and also laser beam technique. Once the treatment is finished, you should return to the clinic for a control visit in which the improvement is evaluated.